Night Travel Banned

Buses in Kenya have been banned from the roads at night by the Ministry of Transport. The ban came into effect during the festive season and fewer accidents have been report since the ban came into effect. This has however inconvenienced most people who travel at night. The most affect routes are the Nairobi – Mombasa, Nairobi – Nyanza and Nairobi Western Routes.

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Know your rights by reading the constitution
Know your rights by reading the constitution

Consumer Information Network (CIN) is an independent non-political, non-profit-making, non-sectarian membershipnational consumer organization founded and registered in Kenya in 1994. The main objective of CIN is to protect consumer rights and promote consumer responsibility. CIN is a full member of Consumers International (CI), the world federation of consumer organizations. The current Chief Executive Office of CIN is a President Emeritus of CI.